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Domestic air-to-water Heatpump and mechanical ventilation systems

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Providing high quality service  for over 25 years

MSM Renewables is part of MJOS Group of companies which has been providing high quality, heating, plumbing and construction services for over 25 years.

MSM Renewables was founded in 2019 to provide an ongoing servicing and maintenance solution for renewable energy appliances including air to water heat pumps and mechanical ventilation services.

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Air to Water Heatpump

Your air to water Heatpump utilizes long established technology and provides an extremely reliable, energy efficient heat source for your home. It is vital that your Heatpump is serviced annually to ensure it is running efficiently and also regular servicing will extend the lifespan of your heating system.

Our engineers fully trained and certified by the manufacturers of the leading Heatpump brands. We will provide you with an engineers report which will serve as proof of your service should any issues arise within the manufacturers’ warranty period for your Heatpump.

Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation including Heat Recover Ventilation (MVHR) ensures your home has a continuous supply of fresh, clean air while expelling moisture, toxins, allergens and pollutants from your living areas. The air filtration ensures that the fresh air introduced by your mechanical ventilation system is clean and free of any dirt or contaminants, such as dust, pollen, insects etc. As these elements are caught the filters can become clogged preventing them from performing.

Regular Servicing will ensure that your system is performing effectively to your indoor air quality and protect your ventilation system.

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