Mechanical Ventilation Servicing

“Mechanical ventilation including Heat Recover Ventilation (MVHR) ensures your home has a continuous supply of fresh, clean air while expelling moisture, toxins, allergens and pollutants from your living areas. Mechanical ventilation is particularily important in new build or well insulated homes that are designed to reduce unwanted cold air from entering the home.

The air filtration ensures that the fresh air introduced by your mechanical ventilation system is clean and free of any dirt or contaminants, such as dust, pollen, insects etc. As these elements are caught the filters can become clogged preventing them from performing.”

The benefits of good ventilation It provides a fresh air supply, reducing the concentration of harmful pollutants in your home.

  • It reduces the risk of carbon monoxide production.
  • It reduces radon accumulation.
  • It minimises the risk of condensation and associated mould or mildew
  • It provides a healthier indoor air quality

Why it is important to service your Mechanical Ventilation System?

1. Maintaining Air Quality
It is essential that your system is serviced regularily to ensure that the system is operating correctly and the air quality levels insude your home are maintained”

2. Warranty Maintenance
Servicing is a condition of the manufacturers’ warranty. Extended warranties of up to 7 years are available from manufacturers providing you have your heat pump serviced by an certified engineer each year. ”

3. Preventative Maintenance
Regular inspections as part of your service will identify any potential issues early which can help avoid more costly repairs at a later stage.”

4. Reduce Operating Costs
Regular servicing of your mechanical ventilation system will ensure it does not have to work harder than necessary and ensure it is operating efficiently.”

5. Prevent any mositure related issues
Servicing will ensure that excess moisture from cooking and bathrooms is removed from your home effectively. A poorly maintained system may not clear this moisture which can result in condensation and harmful mould issues/”

6. Extend the lifespan of your ventilation applicance
Regular servicing will ensure the system is operating correctly and no unnecessary strain is being placed on the motors through debris build up.”

What does a Mechanical Ventilation service entail Our Engineers have extensive experience in servicing, maintenance and repair of mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems. They will provide a detailed assesment and evaluation of your system to include the following key areas.

Assessment & inspection

  • Cleaning of interior including motors and heat exchanger
  • Check all ducting, pipework
  • Install replacement filters
  • Ensure all condensation drains are clear and clean
  • Check and adjust system settings to achieve optimum airflow rates
  • Check all Electrical Connections


If any additional work is required that falls outside of the scope of the standard annual maintenance you engineer will provide you with details of any additional costs or part requirements before any work is completed. Depending on the circumstances this may require another scheduled call.

Our engineers fully trained and certified by the manufacturers of the leading manufacturers of mechanical ventilation and mechanical ventilaion with heat recovery systems. We will provide you with an engineers report which will serve as proof of your service should any issues arise within the manufacturers’ warranty period.

A routiene service for an air to heat pump should take approximately 2 hours. This may change if any faults or issues are identified.

An authorised adult will need to be at your home to provide access for the duration of the engineers visit. We will arrange a suitable time with you and will contact you in advance to confirm the appointment time.

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